When you need door installation or door repair in Los Angeles, call us for a free estimate.  Licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor in Los Angeles. In addition to door installation and door repair, we also build decks, gates, fences and custom carpentry pieces.

peteplaner3Door Repair

A client called and said, “Pete, I’m standing here opening and closing my door, just because I can. ” There was glee in her voice. That’s how you’ll feel when I fix those annoying door problems. Remember, I don’t do Home improvement, I do LIFE improvement.

Door Replacementmahog3

I remove your existing door, then I measure, cut, shape and install your new door along with your locks. Don’t trust this kind of skilled work to a handyman or even a good carpenter who thinks he can do it. See this photo on the right?  It’s a $1200 Mahogany door. If you want an experienced, door professional to install it, call me now for a free estimate.

prehung3Pre-hung Doors

I can remove your entire door and frame or I can cut a hole in your wall, frame it properly and install a new door and jamb. The biggest concern for you is the mess. I’ll bring drop clothes, tarps, shop vac and dust pan, but it will still get messy. But when I’m done, you’ll be glad I was there because you’ll notice all the little extra things I do to make it look nice.

Pocket Doorspocket3

Pocket door installation is more about construction than it is about understanding doors, and fortunately for you, we understand both. The installation process is a specific set of sequential steps. Knowledge of this sequence allows me to do repairs when other technicians simply throw up their arms and say, “Dunno. Better call LADAM.”

steeldoor3Commercial steel doors

Don’t EVER hire someone who hasn’t done one of these before, because they are among the most difficult door replacement jobs to complete. We know how to get them out of brick, stucco and concrete walls. We know how to prep the opening to get the new one in. We can also install the door closers and panic bars. Warning, this type of work can be very messy.

Closet doorssldingcloset3

Yes, we install and repair sliding closet doors and bi-fold doors.  Even though the hardware for sliding closet doors and closet bi-fold doors can vary, the basic principles are the same. Often times, especially with remodels and older homes, the doors don’t fit perfectly. It’s sometimes necessary to do a bit of creative carpentry. Sometimes a new piece of wood is necessary above or below the doors. Sometimes it’s necessary to do some trim or moulding work. Whatever it takes to make it fit and look nice.

Double Doors

People often mistakenly call these “French” doors. A French door is a door that has glass inside of it. Two doors side by side are referred to as “Double Doors.” Double doors are challenging because they take a lot longer to install and there’s less margin for error. If the gap between your double doors is especially large or uneven, it can be an eye sore. It takes a lot of experience and skill to install these properly, and that’s why I’m here.doubldoors3

Sliding Patio Doors

The challenge in repairing sliding patio doors is due to the age and style of the door. Some doors are so old that they simply can’t be saved. Some have unique parts that no longer exist, and others fail because the structure in which they’re installed has shifted significantly. The bottom line is that IF it’s possible to fix your sliding patio door, I can do it. If you need a new door installed, this becomes a construction project and because I’m an experienced licensed contractor, I can handle the entire process of removing the old door and installing the new one so that it works properly and doesn’t leak.

metalsec3Metal Security Doors

Metal security doors are very popular in Los Angeles, but they can’t always be installed. Your entry door must open into your structure in order to install a metal security door, and the framing around your door must be able to accept the security door. The good news is that I can reverse the swing of your door if necessary, and I can almost always find a way to install a security door so that you can enjoy air flow in safety.

pivot3Pivot Doors

One of the more rare calls we get, but yes, we install and repair pivot doors. Pivot doors tend to fail for two main reasons. The first is that the door itself wears out, splits, gets cracked, and it usually happens near the bottom where the pivot mechanism is located. The second most common cause is the pivot mechanism itself fails. Regardless of the issue, we can either fix or replace.


We can build gates and fix gates. We don’t work on motorized gates of any kind and we don’t do metal work. Gates can often involve concrete work, and we know how to do that. We often build gates as part of our fence building services.